I am a woman🎀

Hello again, lovely people on WordPress and not on WordPress🙃. I am so excited because today I’m gonna share 3 intriguing facts about women😝; yes, so let’s get our girl on💁💁🏻💁🏼💁🏽💁🏾💁🏿

1:) This one we probably all know…

Women speak at least 20000 words a day, and this is approximately 13000 more words than our average man.

And because we have beautiful things to say❤️

2;) Bet you didn’t know this one😜

The female sex has been closely linked with Venus ( the Roman goddess of love and beauty). The symbol of the female sex (a circle on top of a cross) is also the sign of Venus. It is believed that the female symbol was a stylized version of Venus’ mirror.

Oh my gods😱

3-) Here’s a funny one😂

 On average, women hiccup less than men.

Go to church, maybe?😂🛐✝️🔯🕎☪️🕉


Thank you lovely people❤️


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